Is the next king of England going to still be the defender of the faith?

Fidei Defensor, Latin for defender of the faith, was given to King Henry the VIII by Leo X. The Catholic church revoked the title after Henry established the Church of England. Parliament restored the title in the 16th Century and since then England has always had a monarch crowned with that title. The coronation, I might add that occurs atop the stone of scone or Jacob’s pillar.

Now it seems that only half of Britons feel that England is still a Christian nation. Does this prove that Queen Elizabeth II has failed to protect what she has sworn to do? I find it sad to see that Christians are now under attack for their beliefs in a county that has a leader sworn to protect that very faith.

As Christians what is one to do about such a thing? Should a Christian allow their beliefs to be eroded or compromised simply because the law demands penalties if we do not? Paul tells us in Romans that a nation is only in existence by the will of God and that a nation must protect your right to practice your beliefs as long as you abide within its laws. So is it then Christians that are allowing these things to happen. God gives us power over all our enemies. Maybe its time for us to stop waiting for an aging monarch to do her job and start doing our job.

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