Son of God Movie

1-1230656293hqMCLast night I took the family to see the Son of God movie. It was refreshing to have something, for lack of a better word, wholesome to go and see.

I heard that many of the scenes came from the ten-hour t.v. series that aired last year. That didn’t make it sound all that exciting, but I hadn’t seen much of the series so it would be fine.

The movie was bittersweet. I have to say I did enjoy it and I wish Hollywood would do more movies like this. The special effects we have today would make it visually stunning and there are so many stories that have never been done.  However there were things that bothered me. Why do they have to change what was said? Why do they insist on letting little lies creep in? I don’t want to go through the entire thing and break it down, but I will mention this: Christ never told Caiaphas he was the Son of God.  That is a HUGE problem. Christ never defends himself. He only says, “You say that I am.”

Christ was the lamb slain. He didn’t defend himself. Why would you put that in there? You have to watch for these things my friends as it is these things that can cause great harm.

Remember: Matthew 23:2 Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat:

Scribes are the ones that write things down be careful that you do not let them twist the Word of God for you.


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