The Fourth Reich? – The Bear

Is Putin pulling a Hitler again and planning to militarily annex another nation or region, while the rest of the nations of the world stand around doing almost nothing?

I think Russia preparing for an assault against Turkey and that this is why they are trying to procure land directly across the sea from it. Turkey is against the Assad Regime and supports rebels there instead and Putin is against anyone who supports the rebels. It is all part of his plan to ultimately come, with its allies, against Jerusalem.

There’s also a huge petition by citizens in Alaska to allow Alaska to join Russia. This would end up being another, huge, annex of Russia. The petition has a lot of support there. Regardless if it goes through, I┬ábelieve Russia is contending for strategic land all around the globe, that will bring us to the deadly wound in the middle east.

It’s like a giant, global game of Risk.

Ukraine crisis: Could Trans-Dniester be next? – BBC article

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