First Earth Age

This is a general description of the First Earth Age to provide a basic outline. Articles will follow with in-depth biblical citation.

The heaven and earth are divided into three earth ages, 3 being the number of spiritual completion. There was an age before the one we are in (Gen 1:1, Job 38:4-8, Isa 45:18, Jer 4:22-27, 2 Pet 3:5-6, Rev 12:3-4), and there will be an age after the Millennium ends (Rev 21-22). The first and third earth ages are eternal. The first was eternity past and the last will be eternity future.

In the first earth age existed the dinosaurs and all prehistoric life (Job 40:15-24), of which we see only fossils today. We all existed with God in heaven as angelic beings, or the sons of God (Job 38:7). Lucifer was also there, and he had been designed by God as the most beautiful and powerful angel (Eze 28:12-15). He was the cherub that was to watch over the mercy seat, but because of the way he was made, he began to develop pride and felt that it was he who should be worshipped instead of God (Isa 14:13-14, Eze 28:16-18). So, he led a rebellion against God and tried to lead as many of God’s sons from Him as he possibly could (Rev 12:3-4). A great many angels followed after Lucifer, whether on purpose or because of his deception, but there were 7000 who immediately stood on the side of God and against Lucifer (Rom 11:4), and many others who went to the defense of God (Rom 11:5)–and then there were also some who could not decide whom they should follow.

Because of this rebellion, God split eternity past from eternity future and created an age in between, an age in which we would be born as fleshly man and we had no memory of what had happened in the prior age. In order to place us here on earth, God had to destroy the dangerous life forms and conditions that prevailed on earth before and recreate it to ideal conditions (Gen 1:2, Jer 4:22-25, 2 Pet 3:5-6). God cause a flood to cover the earth and destroyed every last bit of life contained here, and then He began to redesign it to new specifications (Gen 1:3-31).

He then created new plant and animal life and reset the seasons and even placed it under a new structure of time, which would be a new concept to us, though we would not remember they way things were in the eternity, when we were independent of time. We would now have a chance to live life in a restrictive flesh body (Gen 1:26-27, 6:6) for God to see, under controlled parameters, if we would choose to follow Him or Lucifer. In the end of the Millennium, as we enter the third, and final, earth age, those who are left, whom God has determined to be His loyal children, will then become spiritually complete (Rev 21-22). A new era will then begin on earth, in which we will no longer know evil or sorrow (Rev 21:1-6).


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